Resource Collector Utility
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Utilities panel Utilities rollout More button Utilities dialog Resource Collector

The Resource Collector gathers the resource files used by a scene ( bitmaps, photometric distribution files (IES), and optionally, the scene itself into a single directory.

WarningThe Resource Collector does not collect maps used for displacement mapping or as light projections.
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Output Path

Displays the current output path. This can be changed using the Browse button.


Click to display a Windows file dialog that lets you choose the output path.

Resource Options group

Collect Bitmaps/Photometric Files

When on, the Resource Collector places the scene's bitmaps, and photometric files, in the output directory. Default=on.

Include MAX File

When on, the Resource Collector places the scene itself (the .max file) in the output directory. Default=off.

Compress Files

When on, compresses the files into a ZIP file, saved in the output directory. Default=off.

Copy or Move

Choose Copy to make a copy of the files in the output directory. Choose Move to move the files (they are deleted from the directory in which they originally were saved). Default=Copy.

Update Materials

When on, updates material paths. Default=off.


Click to collect the resource files according to the settings above this button.