Scene States
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Tools menu Manage Scene States

Right-click to open the quad menu. Display (upper-right) quadrant Manage Scene States

The Scene States feature provides a fast way to save different scene conditions with various lighting, camera, material, environment, and object properties that can be restored at any time and rendered to produce numerous interpretations of a model.

You save and restore scene states with the Manage Scene States dialog, which makes it a convenient way to quickly compare how different parameter settings affect how each scene looks. Because scene states are saved with the MAX file, they are easily accessible to everyone on a design team.

Scene states also allow you to experiment with different scene setups without having to save the entire MAX file each time a change is made. This means you don't need to open and close files in order to render different conditions of the same model. As well, scene states do not add to the size of the file.

When you save a scene state, you can choose which aspects of the scene to record:

Tips for Managing Scene States

Scene State Limitations

Scene States and Batch Render

Scene states do not store viewport layouts, such as which camera view is active, so you can use the Batch Render tool to coordinate rendering from any camera that is saved with the model. With each camera task that you assign to the batch render tool, you can specify a saved scene state that will be automatically loaded and rendered.

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