JSR-184 Files
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Application menu Export JSR-184 (*.M3G)

3ds Max provides support for developing mobile games using the JSR-184 format. JSR-184 is a Java standard used to create 3D applications for mobile phones. Once you have exported your scene to JSR-184 format, you can preview the animation using the JSR-184 Standalone Player.


To export an M3G file:

  1. Choose Application menu Export.
  2. Choose JSR–184 (*.M3G) in the Files Of Type list.
  3. Specify a file name to export, and then click Save. This opens the JSR-184 dialog, displaying the scene hierarchy for your 3ds Max scene. By default, all of the elements in your scene are also listed for export in the JSR-184 scene.
    NoteIf you wish to export a particular object in your scene, use File Export Selected, or delete the objects you do not wish to export by clicking . If an object is a descendant within an hierarchy, it will be exported with its hierarchy. The same applies for objects in a group.
  4. Modify the parameters of objects exported to JSR–184. See JSR-184 Object Parameters for more info.
  5. Click Export.
  6. Preview your exported JSR-184 scene in the JSR-184 Standalone Player.


The 3ds Max scene hierarchy is shown on the left of the dialog, and the hierarchy of the JSR-184 scene to be exported is displayed on the right. Object parameters for the JSR–184 scene are displayed on the far right-hand side of the JSR-184 Export dialog. The exported .m3g file contains all of the objects and parameters included in the JSR-184 scene. Many of the parameters for the objects in the JSR-184 scene can be modified prior to exporting the file. See JSR-184 Object Parameters for more details.

Menu options:

New JSR-184 Scene

Creates an empty JSR-184 scene

Add 3ds Max Scene

Adds all objects that can be converted to the JSR-184 format to the JSR-184 scene.

Add World Object

Adds a World Object to the JSR-184 scene file. A World Object contains sub-object hierarchies and has two special sub-objects: Active Camera and Background.

Add Group

Adds an empty Group. Use this option to group objects in your scene without the need to create a World Object.

Convert Mesh to Sprite3D

Converts a selected 3ds Max plane object into a JSR-184 Sprite3D object. If you do not select this option, by default all plane objects are converted to JSR-184 mesh objects.

Texture Tool

All the textures of objects in your 3ds Max scene are placed in the Material Table level of the JSR-184 image file. Use the JSR-184 Texture Tool to edit texture properties.

Remove Object

Removes the selected object from the JSR-184 scene.

Export Settings:

Authoring Message

This message is required by the JSR-184 file format standard and is usually reserved for entering copyright notice information. This message is stored in the header portion of the M3G file.

Project Root

Sets the location of the root of the project. If you do not enter a path in this field, all external references within the M3G file are loaded from the same location as the current file.

Show Hidden Objects

Shows all the hidden objects in the 3ds Max scene hierarchy.

Compress M3G File

Compresses all the data in the exported M3G file.

Auto Assign User IDs

Automatically assigns unique User ID values to all exported objects.