JSR-184 Standalone Player
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Start menu Programs Autodesk Autodesk 3ds Max 2011 [installed version] JSR184 Viewer

Once you have exported your 3ds Max scene to JSR-184 format, you can preview how the animation is displayed on various mobile screens.


File menu

  • OpenOpens an M3G file for viewing in the JSR-184 player.
  • ReopenDisplays a list of recently opened files. The list displays the most recently opened files at the top.
  • ExitCloses the JSR-184 viewer window.

Tools menu

  • HandsetsAllows you to add or edit phone profiles. You can modify the vendor, model, screen width, screen height, and screen color depth.
    NoteYou can also modify the handset profiles directly in the terminals.xml file. This file is saved in the \jsr folder of your program folder (for example, (C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Autodesk 3ds Max 2011\JSR\).

Player controls

The player is controlled by the following buttons on the toolbar:

  • Opens the Choose Objects for Rendering dialog. This dialog allows you to select the JSR-184 world object in the scene hierarchy in the event that there are multiple world objects in the JSR-184 data file.
  • Steps one frame backward through the animation.
  • Plays the animation.
  • Stops the animation and returns to the first frame.
  • Pauses the animation.
  • Steps one frame forward in the animation.
Phone Profiles

Displays the phone profiles defined in the Tools Handsets dialog.

Use Free Camera

Switches to viewing the scene from the free camera. The camera is controlled by the following keyboard shortcuts:

Left Arrow Rotate Left
Right Arrow Rotate Right
Up Arrow Rotate Up
Down Arrow Rotate Down
A Move Left
D Move Right
S Move Backward
W Move Forward
Home Move camera to default