ProxSensor VRML97 Helper
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Create panel Helpers VRML97 Object Type rollout ProxSensor

The ProxSensor helper creates a VRML97 ProximitySensor node. This lets you set up a rectangular region in space, so that entering the region in a VRML97 browser starts a set of objects animating.


To create a Proximity Sensor object:

  1. Add a Proximity Sensor object by clicking the ProxSensor button and then click-dragging in the Top viewport to create its icon.
  2. Select the geometry, camera, or sound to control.

    When the user navigates inside the box, the specified objects animate or the sound plays.


The Prox Sensor rollout contains the following options:


Specifies the dimensions of the bounding box that triggers the action.


Activates the Proximity Sensor. When this check box is turned off, the sensor has no effect, even if objects have been selected.

Pick Action Objects

Specifies the objects in the scene to control with this helper. The objects can be animated geometry, cameras, lights, or AudioClips. Click this button then click the objects in the viewports.


Deletes an object from the list of picked objects.