SGI Image Files

The SGI™ Image File format is a bitmap file type created by Silicon Graphics®. SGI Image File support in 3ds Max lets you load and save files in both 8- and 16-bit color depth, with alpha channels, and RLE Compression.

SGI Image Files can have these file name extensions: SGI, RGB, RGBA, INT, INTA, or BW.


Clicking Render or Setup in the Render Output File dialog displays the RGB Image File Format dialog.

Channel Bit Depth group

8 Bit

Saves the SGI Image File as 8-bit color.

16 Bit

(The default.) Saves the SGI Image File as 16-bit color.

Use Alpha toggle

Use Alpha

When on, saves Alpha channels with the SGI Image File. Default=on.


When on, saves the SGI Image File with RLE compression. Default=on.

NoteIn some cases, the RLE algorithm can cause a “compressed” file to be larger than an uncompressed file.