Fracture Tips

This topic provides some tips on how to control fractures.

After you procedurally slice up an object for fracture, the new pieces fit snugly among each other. When one piece breaks loose after a fracture event, it might be in contact with other pieces that are still part of the non-fractured body. This can throw the broken piece into unstable oscillations against two or more opposing pieces. The result is a chain-reaction throughout the fracture body, with all the pieces flying off into space. It might appear as though some of the pieces simply wink out of existence. Unlike normal rigid bodies in reactor, Fracture pieces are allowed to exist in a state of interpenetration, where restoring forces are applied to separate them. Many objects sitting in penetrating states next to each other can result in an unstable system.

To make the system more stable and less prone to exploding:

Try one or more of the following: