Deforming Mesh Collection
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The Deforming Mesh Collection is a reactor helper object that acts as a container for deforming meshes. Once you have placed a Deforming Mesh Collection in your scene, you can add any deforming meshes in the scene to the collection. For more information about deforming meshes, see Deforming Meshes (Skin).

When you run the simulation, reactor examines the deforming mesh collections in the scene, and, provided the collections are not disabled, adds the deforming meshes they contain to the simulation.


To create and use a Deforming Mesh Collection:

  1. Create some objects to use as deforming meshes.
  2. Choose any of the above commands, and then click in any viewport to add the Deforming Mesh Collection.
    NoteThe icon’s position has no effect on the collection’s behavior.

    The collection icon is added to the scene. You can add deforming meshes to the collection in two ways: by picking or by using a selection list.

  3. Add objects to the collection using either (or both) of these methods:
    • On the Properties rollout, click the Pick button, and then in the viewport click an object to add.
    • On the Properties rollout, click the Add button, and then use the dialog to specify one or more objects to add.

To create the collection and add objects in a single step:


Deforming Mesh Collection Properties rollout


Click this button to cause the objects in the collection to flash momentarily in the viewports.

Deforming Meshes

Lists the names of the objects in the deforming mesh collection.


Adds an object to the deforming mesh collection. Click this button, and then in the viewport move the cursor over an object to add to the collection. If it can be used as a deforming mesh, the cursor will change from an arrow to a cross and you can select the object to add it to the collection.


Adds one or more objects from the scene to the collection. Click the button to open the Select Deforming Meshes dialog. Highlight one or more objects in the list, and then click the Select button to add the objects to the collection.


Removes objects from the collection. In the Deforming Meshes list, select the bodies to remove from the collection and then click this button.


When on, the collection and the bodies it contains are not added to the simulation.

Advanced rollout


When on, the deforming meshes in this collection do not follow their animation during the simulation but instead remain static. This is useful, for instance, if you want to drape clothes around a deforming-mesh-skinned character in the Preview window before using Update MAX - it's much easier to dress a character that isn't still walking around!

Reset Default Values

Resets the Freeze value to its default.