Send Out Test
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Particle View Click Send Out in an event or add Send Out to the particle system and then select it.

The Send Out test simply sends all particles to the next event, or, conversely, keeps all particles in the current event. Use Send Out when you simply want to send particles to another event without any conditions.

TipYou can temporarily convert any test to Send Out. To specify that a test should send all particles out without any conditions, click the left side of its icon in Particle view; the icon changes to a green light bulb to indicate that all particles automatically test True. Or, if you click the right side of the icon, it changes to a red light bulb, indicating that all particles test False and thus will stay in the current event. To revert to the test's original function, click its icon again.


The user interface appears in the parameters panel, on the right side of the Particle View dialog.

Test True For

Lets you specify whether the test passes all particles on to the next event or keeps them in the current event. Default=All Particles.

  • All ParticlesAll particles are passed on to the next event.
  • No ParticlesAll particles are retained in the current event.