Light Include/Exclude Tool
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By default, the Light Include/Exclude tool is unavailable in the 3ds Max user interface. You can add it as a custom keyboard shortcut, quad or menu item, or toolbar button by using the Customize User Interface dialog.

The Light Include/Exclude tool is a modeless dialog that lets you include or exclude objects on a light-by-light basis. When excluded, an object is not illuminated by the selected light and receives no shadows.

This dialog requires at least one light object in your scene. For a selected light, this dialog is a shortcut to the same functionality available on the Exclude/Include dialog.

Although light exclusion does not occur in nature, this feature is useful when you need exact control over the lighting in your scene. Sometimes, for example, you'll want to add lights specifically to illuminate a single object but not its surroundings, or you'll want a light to cast shadows from one object but not from another.

NoteBy default, no objects are excluded for a new light. It’s necessary only to include objects that have previously been excluded.
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To exclude an object from receiving light:

  1. In the scene, select the object or objects to exclude.
  2. Open the Light Incl/Exl dialog.

    See the path annotation, above. To use the Light Include/Exclude tool, you have to create a custom keyboard shortcut, quad or menu item, or toolbar button.

  3. In the Geometry group, choose Exclude.
  4. Click the Assign To Light button.
  5. In the scene, click a light. If the light is hard to locate, use the Pick Object dialog(keyboard shortcut H) to pick the light.

    The object is now excluded from the light. The Objects list at the bottom of the dialog lists the object.

  6. Render to see the effect.


Geometry group

Include, Exclude

Toggles the state of a selected object to receive light from a particular light object. Default=include.

Assign to Light

Activates selection so you can choose the light you want to use. You can only choose one light at a time.

List Light Properties group

These controls let you view and edit the include/exclude status of objects on a light-by-light basis.

Current displayed light

Names the currently selected light.

Choose Light

Activates selection so you can choose another light.

Clear Light

Empties the Objects list, removing any included or excluded objects assigned to the currently displayed light.

Include, Exclude

Reverses the state of included or excluded objects to receive light from the currently displayed light.


Lists objects selected for inclusion or exclusion by the currently displayed light.


Provides a quick reminder of procedures.