Using Transforms to Aim a Camera

You can use transforms to aim a camera and change its orientation in the scene.

Move adjusts the position of the camera object or the position of a target camera’s target.

Because the target is displayed as a small square, and because it is often in the same area as objects that are the subject of the camera, it can be hard to select by clicking. Select the camera object, right-click, then choose Select Target from the Tools 1 (upper-left) quadrant of the quad menu. You can also choose Cameras from the Selection Filters list on the toolbar, and then click the target.

Rotate adjusts the orientation of the camera object. This transform is most useful with free cameras.

You can’t rotate a Target camera about its local X and Y axes, because it is constrained to aim at its target. Use Move to move the camera or its target.

Also, if you rotate a Target camera to a nearly vertical position, either up or down, 3ds Max must flip the Camera view to prevent the up-vector from becoming undefined. If you need a camera to look vertically upward or downward, use a Free camera.

In a Camera viewport, you can also use the navigation buttons to adjust the camera interactively. Some navigation buttons, such as Dolly and Orbit actually move the camera or its target.