Align Camera
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Main toolbar (Align Camera), on Align flyout

Tools menu Align Camera

Align Camera, available from the Align flyout, lets you align a camera to a selected face normal.

Align Camera works similarly to Place Highlight, except that it operates on face normals instead of the angle of incidence, and occurs when you release the mouse button instead of dynamically acting during the mouse drag. Its purpose is to let you align a Camera viewport to a specified face normal.

Other alignment tools on the Align flyout are Align, Quick Align, Normal Align, Place Highlight, and Align to View.


To use Align Camera:

  1. Select the camera used for the viewport you want to align.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • On the main toolbar, click (Align Camera), which is on the Align flyout.
    • On the Tools menu, choose Align Align Camera.
  3. In any viewport, drag the mouse over an object surface to choose a face.

    The chosen face normal appears as a blue arrow beneath the cursor.

  4. Release the mouse to perform the alignment.

    3ds Max moves the camera so it faces and centers the selected normal in the camera viewport.