mental ray Preferences
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Customize menu Preferences mental ray panel

This panel sets preferences for using the mental ray Renderer and its associated materials and shaders.


General group

Enable mental ray Extensions

When on, enables certain features that provide additional support for the mental ray renderer. When off, these features do not appear in the interface. Default=off.

These are the features enabled as mental ray extensions to 3ds Max:

WarningIf you have assigned shaders and adjusted their settings using the mental ray Connection rollout, turning off Enable mental ray Extensions will lose all these assignments and settings. The same applies to light shader assignments.

Rendering group

Show Brackets on Current Buckets

Displays white selection brackets at the corners of the bucket currently being rendered. Default=on.

Show Visual Final Gather Progress

When on, the Rendered Frame Window displays a coarse image of the final gather points as those points are being calculated. This provides visual feedback of the final gather solution in progress. Default=on.

If you prefer that the final render directly overwrite the previous one in the Rendered Frame Window for comparison purposes, turn this off.

Visual display of final gather calculation in progress

Clear Frame Window Before Rendering

When on, before rendering the Rendered Frame Window turns to a gray shade by clearing every other scanline. This makes it easier to see the progress of rendering. On the other hand, it can make it more difficult to see the effect of small changes to the model or the view. Default=on.

Messages group

Open Message Window on Error

Whenever the mental ray renderer detects an error, it generates an error message. When this option is on, the Messages Window is displayed and the error message appears in it. Default=on.

Show/Log Information Messages

When on, displays informational messages in the Messages Window. Default=off.

Show/Log Progress Messages

When on, displays progress messages in the Messages Window. Default=off.

Log Debug Messages (to file)

When on, writes debug messages to the log file, if one has been specified. Default=off.

Debug messages are never displayed in the Messages Window. The mental ray renderer generates a large number of them, which would make the window hard to read.

Write Messages to File

When on, generates a mental ray log file. Default=off.

The other log file options are unavailable unless you turn on Write Messages To File:

  • Append to FileWhen on, appends messages to the existing file. When off (or if the named file is not found), only new messages are written to the file. Default=off.
  • FileClick to display a file dialog that lets you choose the name and location of the .log file.
  • File name fieldWhen you have specified a log file, this field shows its name and its path.