NURBS Sub-Object Selection

When you work with NURBS models, you often work with sub-objects. While you are at the sub-object level, you use the usual selection techniques, such as clicking, dragging a region, or holding down Ctrl, to choose one or more sub-objects.

You can also select NURBS point, curve, and surface sub-objects by name. Turn on the Keyboard Shortcut Override Toggle, go to a NURBS sub-object level, and then press the H key. This opens the Select Sub-Objects dialog, which is a subset of the Selection Floater that lists only sub-objects at the current level. Choose one or more objects in the list, and then click Select. You can assign your own names to NURBS sub-objects (aside from CVs) that you want to edit frequently.


Press Ctrl+H to have the Select Sub-Objects dialog list only sub-objects directly beneath the mouse cursor.


The H shortcut is also a convenient way to choose parent objects while you're creating dependent sub-objects.

Workflow Tips

When you work with NURBS, you switch frequently between the object and sub-object levels, or from one sub-object level to another. Keyboard shortcuts and pop-up menus can help you do this.