About MAXScript

MAXScript is the built-in scripting language for 3ds Max.

With MAXScript, you have the ability to:

The MAXScript language is specifically designed to complement 3ds Max. It is object-oriented, and has several special features and constructs that mirror high-level concepts in the 3ds Max user interface. These include coordinate-system contexts, an animation mode with automatic keyframing, and access to scene objects using hierarchical path names that match the 3ds Max object hierarchy.

The syntax is simple enough for non-programmers to use, with minimal punctuation and formatting rules.

Visual MAXScript

Visual MAXScript is a powerful addition to MAXScript, making the MAXScript feature easier to learn and use. With Visual MAXScript, you can quickly create UI elements and layouts for scripting.

For detailed information about Visual MAXScript, open the MAXScript Help, available from Help menu > MAXScript Help.

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To access MAXScript, do one of the following:

  1. On the menu bar, choose MAXScript. The MAXScript menu appears.
  2. Choose Utilities panel > MAXScript.

    From here, you can either write new scripts, edit or run existing scripts, open the MAXScript Listener, or use the Macro Recorder.

    To access the MAXScript Listener, you can also right-click in the Mini Listener and choose Open Listener Window from the right-click menu.

    For detailed information about the MAXScript utility, open the MAXScript Help, available from Help menu > MAXScript Help.