Circle Spline
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Create panel (Shapes) Splines Object Type rollout Circle

Create menu Shapes Circle

Use Circle to create closed circular splines made of four vertices.

Example of circle


To create a circle:

  1. Go to the Create panel and turn on (Shapes).
  2. Click Circle.
  3. Choose a creation method.
  4. Drag in a viewport to draw the circle.


Rendering and Interpolation rollouts

All spline-based shapes share these parameters. See Splines for explanations of these parameters.

Creation Method rollout

The Circle shape uses the standard creation methods of Center or Edge. Most spline-based shapes share the same Creation Method parameters. See Splines for an explanation of these parameters.

Parameters rollout

Once you have created a circle, you can make changes using the following parameter:


Specifies the radius of the circle.