Rescale World Units Utility
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Utilities panel Utilities rollout More button Utilities dialog Rescale World Units

This utility rescales the world units of either the entire scene or selected objects in the scene. The Rescale World Units dialog controls scale factor and whether it is applied to the entire scene or the current selection.


To rescale an object:

  1. Select an object in the viewport.
  2. On the Utilities panel, click the More button, and on the Utilities dialog, choose Rescale World Units from the list.
  3. On the Utilities panel, click the Rescale World Units button.
  4. On the Rescale World Units rollout, click the Rescale button.
  5. Set the Scale Factor to the desired scale. For example, setting the scale to a value of 2.0 doubles the size of the object that it’s applied to.
  6. In the Affect group, choose the Selection option.
  7. Click OK to apply the scale.


Rescale World Units rollout


After selecting the objects you want to rescale, click this to display the Rescale World Units dialog.

Rescale World Units dialog

Scale Factor

Specifies the scaling factor.


  • SceneApplies the scale to the entire scene.
  • SelectionApplies the scale only to the current selection.

Applies the scale.


Cancels the operation.