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Motion Clip

A motion clip is a sequence of motion on a biped or other objects. A motion clip can be a BIP file, or a portion of a 3ds Max animation used in a crowd sequence.

BIP files used in Motion Flow and the Motion Mixer are called motion clips. You can use these tools to combine several motion clips and make a longer or different animation. A BIP motion clip can be created by saving animation you have made on the biped, or by importing motion-capture data.

When you create a crowd animation that uses motion synthesis on non-biped objects, a motion clip is a portion of a 3ds Max animation used by the synthesis. You specify that a range of frames in the animation is to be used when the delegate meets certain criteria, such as turning upward to exceed a certain pitch.

One animation sequence can contain all the motion clips necessary to animate the crowd. For example, a bird animation might have three motion clips: flap, glide, and land. You could specify that when the delegate is pitched upward, the range of frames that animate the flap motion are used in the simulation. Motion clips are used by the Global Motion Clip Controller and the Master Motion Clip Controller.