On/Off Controller
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Main toolbar (Curve Editor (Open)) Select a track in the Track View hierarchy. Track View menu bar Controller menu Assign On/Off

Graph Editors Track View - Curve Editor Select a track in the Track View hierarchy. Track View menu bar Controller menu Assign On/Off

The On/Off controller provides binary on and off control. It is similar to the Boolean controller. For example, you can apply an On/Off controller to the Visibility track of an object.

You can view the curve for this controller in the Function Curve display, but it's not editable. In addition, there's no Properties dialog for this controller.

NoteWhen you load a scene from version 1.x of 3ds Max that contains a Visibility controller, the controller is automatically converted to an On/Off controller.
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Example: To use the On/Off controller to control an object's visibility:

  1. Create a cylinder, then open Track View.
  2. In Track View, select the Cylinder track and click Tracks Visibility Track Add.

    Track View adds a Visibility track.

  3. Select the track named Visibility .
  4. From the Track View toolbar Controller menu Assign and select On/Off in the Assign Controller dialog. Click OK.

    If you change the mode to Dope Sheet, notice that the entire track region is filled by a blue bar.

  5. In the Track View - Dope Sheet, click (Add Keys), and add a key at frame 20.

    The blue bar stops at frame 20.

  6. Add another key at frame 60.

    The track is now blue again following frame 60.

  7. Add some additional keys in the Visibility Track. Each added key reverses the on/off blue pattern following the added key.
TipYou can select two or more keys and copy them to different positions. This allows you to create even intervals for the On/Off effect.


You assign the On/Off Controller in Track View.

The On/Off track displays a solid blue color in frames that are On, and no blue in frames that are Off. When you add a key to an On section of the track, the section following that key is turned off. When you add a key to an Off section, the following section is turned on and colored blue.