Adjust Transform Rollout
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Make a selection. Hierarchy panel Pivot button Adjust Transform rollout

You can transform an object and its pivot without affecting its children using the buttons in Adjust Transform rollout. Adjusting an object's transforms has no effect on any children linked to that object.

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To scale a parent without scaling the children:

  1. Select the parent object in a hierarchy.
  2. On the Hierarchy panel, click the Pivot button if it's not already on, then on the Adjust Transform rollout, click Don't Affect Children.
  3. Scale the parent object.

    The children will remain unaffected.

    TipNever use non-uniform scale at the object level for objects in a hierarchical chain. Always go to the sub-object level when you do a non-uniform scale on hierarchically linked objects.

To reinitialize the scale of an object:

  1. Select an object.
  2. In the Hierarchy panel Adjust Transform rollout Reset group, click Scale.

    The XYZ values are re-initialized to 100%. This operation prevents Non-uniform Scale inheritance if a child object is linked to this object.


Move/Rotate/Scale group

Don't Affect Children

Limits transforms to the selected object and its axis, not to its children. This is very useful when working with bones and other hierarchies. If you need to make a particular bone or object longer or shorter, select the object and then turn on Don't Affect Children. You can readjust it and any parent objects in the hierarchy will stretch or shrink to compensate to the new dimension of the selected bone.

Reset group


Resets the orientation of an objects local axis coordinates to align with the world coordinate system, regardless of the current orientation of the object.

This does not affect descendants.

When applied to closed groups, it aligns the dummy node of the parent, but keeps the children in the same place. It reorients and resizes the dummy node to correctly bind the children of the group.


Resets the scale values in the transformation matrix to reflect the new scale of the object. There is no visual change in the object.

You can use the Scale to correct Non Uniform Scale inheritance problems. If Non Uniform Scale is inherited by a child object in a hierarchy, it can result in an undesirable deformation in the child object. To correct for this, use Reset: Scale in the Adjust Transform rollout on an object before linking.

You can view the scale values of the transformation matrix of a selected object. On the toolbar, turn on Scale, then right-click any of the three toolbar Transform buttons (Move, Rotate, or Scale).

There is also a Reset XForm utility to do the same tasks.