Add Visibility Track
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Right-click an object in the viewport. Choose Curve Editor or Dope Sheet. Track View Tracks menu Visibility Track Add

Track View In the Controller window, select the object whose visibility you want to key. Tracks menu Visibility Track Add

Track View In the Controller window, select the object whose visibility you want to key. Tools toolbar (Add Visibility Track)

Add Visibility Track controls when you can see an object. Visibility tracks can only be added to objects.

You can create a visibility track by either animating the Visibility parameter in the Object Properties dialog or by selecting an object in the Track View Hierarchy and clicking Tracks menu Visibility Tracks Add. In both cases a visibility track, using a Bezier float controller, is created in Track View. The visibility track displays as a child of the object in the Track View Hierarchy.

NoteIn the Object Properties dialog, Rendering Control must be set to By Object in order to keyframe the Visibility using the spinner.
NoteRight-click over an object in the viewports and select Properties to display the Object Properties dialog.
WarningAn object without mapping coordinates that is invisible at frame 0 will not ask for UVW Map coordinates at render time. The warning will display at the frame that the object becomes visible. This can stop a render midway, so make sure invisible objects at the beginning of your animation have mapping coordinates if necessary.

On and Off Visibility

When you first assign a visibility track to an object, a Bezier float controller is automatically assigned; this allows gradual visibility. You can make an object appear or disappear suddenly by changing the interpolation of the visibility keys to Step tangency.

Variable opacity is supported in the shaded viewports. For ease of use, the object never completely disappears from the viewports.

Visibility Inheritance

An object can inherit the visibility of its parent (as determined by the parent's Visibility track in the Track View). Use the Object Properties Inherit Visibility check box to specify the visibility inheritance of an object.

Groups and Visibility

All members of a Group inherit the visibility of the parent when a visibility controller is assigned to the parent. Transparent materials and hidden objects have no effect on this function.

Level of Detail Utility and Visibility

The Level of Detail utility lets you construct an object that alters its geometric complexity or level of detail based on its size in the rendered image. You create several versions of the same object each with different levels of detail; you group them as one, and then assign the Level of Detail utility. This automatically creates a special LOD controller as a Visibility track.


To add a visibility track to objects:

  1. In Track View Curve Editor or Dope Sheet Edit Keys mode, highlight the object you want to affect in the Hierarchy list on the controller window.
  2. From the Track View Tracks menu, choose Visibility Tracks Add.
  3. Select the keys, then use Controller Properties to adjust the key values and interpolation.

    A value of 0 creates an invisible object, a value of 1.0 creates a fully visible object. Change the interpolation to step for sudden visibility, rather than gradual fades.

A visibility track appears below the selected object(s). Add and edit keys in the visibility track to control the object's visibility.

To add visibility keys:

  1. Once you have a visibility track assigned to the object, highlight the track.
  2. On the toolbar, click (Add Keys).
  3. On the Track View Key window, click in a visibility track to add a key at that time location.

Example: To create and animate a visibility track using the Object Properties dialog:

  1. Create a box.
  2. Turn on (Auto Key).
  3. Drag the time slider to frame 10.

    This is the frame at which you'll set the box to disappear.

  4. Right-click the box and choose Properties from the shortcut menu.
  5. In the General tab, set Visibility to 0, and then click OK.

    This creates a visibility track in Track View and adds a key with a value of 0 to the track.

  6. Scrub the time slider.

    The box fades.