Edit Time

Use the Edit Time tools to work directly with selected blocks of time in the Dope Sheet Editor, as opposed to working with keys and range bars. A block of time is any contiguous time segment, across one or more tracks, and is independent of key locations.

Enter Edit Time mode by selecting a time segment in the Dope Sheet Editor. Once a time segment has been selected you can insert, cut, copy, paste, or reverse the time segment, including its keys. The time tools are available from the Time menu and the Time Toolbar. Time tools are unavailable from the Time menu in Edit Ranges mode.

In Edit Time mode, keys and range bars of your animation are there only for reference. You select blocks of time and then apply time-editing functions to your selection.


To edit time:

  1. Select the animated object, then right-click and choose Curve Editor.

    This opens Track View navigated to the animated object.

  2. On the Modes menu, choose Dope Sheet.

    The Key window changes from curves to a key spreadsheet.

  3. If Edit Keys isn't highlighted on the Keys Toolbar, click it to turn it on.
    NoteThe next steps won't work if you have (Edit Ranges) on instead of (Edit Keys).
  4. From the Time menu, choose Select Time.
  5. Expand and activate the tracks you wish to alter. For example you could select the Z Position transform track of a bouncing Box object.
  6. Drag a time segment out in the Key window. A tooltip displays the selected Start and End frame numbers interactively as you drag.

    This selects the time segment including any keys within it.

  7. Perform any of the time tool operations available from the Time Menu or the Time Toolbar.