Scale Values
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Track View Curve Editor Keys Toolbar (Scale Values)

Track View Curve Editor Keys menu Scale Values

Scale Values is used to proportionally increase or decrease the vertical distance between selected keys on the function curves in Curve Editor. It uses the Scale Origin Line as a movable reference point for the scale operation. Practically speaking, scaling values always creates spatial adjustments, rather than temporal. To scale in time, use Scale Time instead.

NoteScale Values is not available in Dope Sheet mode.


To scale key values:

  1. Select an object, then right-click and choose Curve Editor.
  2. Highlight one or more tracks, if necessary, and then highlight the keys you want to scale.
  3. On the Curve Editor toolbar, click (Scale Values).

    The orange Scale Values Origin line appears at the 0 position on the vertical scale.

  4. Drag the Scale Values Origin line to where you want to scale values from or to.
    TipAn easy way to return the scale origin line to the 0 position is to close and reopen Track View.
  5. Drag any highlighted key vertically to scale all of them.
    Tip If you use Lock Selection after highlighting the keys, you can drag anywhere in the Key window to create the scale operation.