Zoom Track View Key Window
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Track View Navigation toolbar Zoom flyout

In Track View, the Zoom controls are available from a three-button flyout. You can zoom your view of time horizontally (Zoom Time), vertically (Zoom Values), or in both directions simultaneously (Zoom). Drag to the right or upward (Zoom Values) to increase magnification, or to the left or downward (Zoom Values) to decrease magnification.

Zooming occurs around the cursor location.

NoteAll three zoom modes work in Curve Editor, but only Zoom and Zoom Time work in Dope Sheet.
TipIf you use a three-button or wheel mouse, you can also zoom uniformly by using Ctrl+Alt+middle mouse button or by scrolling with your mouse wheel in the Curve Editor.
TipYou can also zoom exclusively in time (left and right) or in value (up and down) by holding down Ctrl or Shift respectively while scrolling with your mouse wheel in the Curve Editor.


To zoom in on time:

  1. On the Navigation: Track View toolbar, choose (Zoom Time) from the flyout.
  2. Click and drag to the right in the Track View Key window.

    Your view of time expands horizontally in the Key window.



Zooms your view of time and values simultaneously. Zoom remains active until you right-click to cancel or click another option.

Zoom Values

In Curve Editor, zooms the contents of the key window vertically. Drag upward to increase magnification, or downward to decrease magnification.

Zoom Time

Zooms the contents of the Key window horizontally.