Saved Track Views
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Graph Editors menu Saved Track Views Choose the named Track View from the list.

Saved Track View lets you recall various Track View windows that you save by naming them.

It is different from saved Track View layouts, which are recalled by right-clicking the toolbar and choosing Load layout.

Saved Track View windows are saved with the MAX file.


To save a Track View window:

  1. In either Dope Sheet or Curve Editor, enter a name in the Name: Track View field at the upper right.
    TipIf the Name field is not visible, right-click the toolbar and choose Show Toolbars, then choose Name: Track View from the list. This toolbar can float or dock, as you like.
  2. Close Track View.
  3. To recall the saved Track View window, from the Graph Editors menu, choose Saved Track Views, and then the desired window name.