Motion Mixer Interface
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Select a biped. Motion panel Biped Apps rollout Mixer

Graph Editors menu Motion Mixer

The Motion Mixer is used to mix motion clips that are assigned to bipeds and non-biped objects. The concept of the Motion Mixer is based on audio mixing done in the music and sound industries. Like an audio mixer, Motion Mixer lets you add a series of tracks for each object in a scene. To each track you add clips in the form of BIP or XAF files. You can also add transitions to smoothly link clips together. Clips and transitions can be filtered so their motion affects only specified biped parts.

The entirety of the clips, transitions and other clip settings for a single object in the Motion Mixer is called a mix. As each object has its own mix, there can be several mixes in the Motion Mixer at any given time. You can save a mix as a MIX file.

For more information and procedures describing how to use the Motion Mixer, see Using the Motion Mixer and the topics that follow it.

The Motion Mixer is normally opened as a floating window. It can also be opened in a viewport, like the Asset Browser and MAXScript Listener.