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Select a rig bone. Motion panel Layer Manager rollout Setup/Animation Mode Toggle button

CAT provides two basic modes of operation: Setup and Animation:


To access Animation mode:

  1. Select a rig bone or the CATParent, go to the Motion panel, and access the Layer Manager rollout.
  2. Create an Absolute layer in which to animate.
    NoteYou can switch from Setup mode to Animation mode only if an animation layer is present.
  3. Click (Setup Mode).

    The button image switches to Animation mode.

    You are now ready to start keyframing.

    NoteThe CATRig’s mode is saved with the scene, so if you save a scene containing a rig in Animation mode and then later open it, the rig is still in Animation mode.

To access Setup mode:

When you first create a CATRig, it’s in Setup mode, so you can copy and paste parts, apply manipulation gizmos, and so on. After you access Animation mode, you can switch back at any time by clicking the same button.

  1. Click (Setup/Animation Mode Toggle).

    The button image switches to Setup mode.

    You can now modify the rig setup.