Palm Animation Controls
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Select a palm bone. Motion panel Palm Animation rollout

As well as holding the same Limb Animation rollout as the rest of the limb the Palm has its own, unique functionality. These include the Digit Manager and the Palm Animation rollout. The same controls are available for ankles.

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The Palm Animation rollout comprises a single slider called Target Align.

Target Align

Controls the extent to which the palm inherits rotation of the IK target.

When Target Align is set to 0.0, the palm moves but does not rotate with the IK target; instead, it remains aligned with the last bone on the limb. On a humanoid character, that is the forearm.

E.g. of palm not inheriting IK target rotations

When the Target Align value is set to 1.0 the palm inherits both positions and rotations from the IK target.

E.g. of palm inheriting IK target rotations

Digit controls include a digit manager with advanced digit modifiers.