Autodesk Metallic Paint
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Material/Map Browser Choose Autodesk Metallic Paint.

Note: The Metallic Paint material appears in the Browser only if mental ray or Quicksilver is the active renderer.

This material has the appearance of metallic paint, as on an automobile.

Autodesk Metallic Paint, with flakes (“flecks”)


Metallic Paint rollout


Sets the base color for the paint.

Highlight Spread

This controls the specular highlights of the base coat: the blurry, secondary highlights beneath the sharp, primary highlights of the top coat. Range: 0.0 to 100.0. Default=50.0

Flecks rollout


When on, the metallic paint includes flecks, creating a “metal flake” appearance. Default=off.


Sets the color of the flecks. Default=white.

This value works as a grayscale: When the HSV value is white or 1.0, flecks show at full strength. When the HSV value is black or 0.0, they don’t appear. When the HSV value is 50 percent gray, or 0.5, the fleck effect is at 50 percent.


Sets the size of the flecks. This can be useful for scaling them in renderings. Range: 0.0 to 100.0. Default=12.0.

Pearl rollout


When on, adds a pearly, iridescent effect to the material. Default=off.

White Autodesk Metallic Paint with a Pearl effect


  • Chromatic(The default.) When Chromatic is active, you can adjust the Amount of the effect.
  • CustomWhen Custom is active, you can choose a complement color for the pearl effect, and adjust Blend, which ranges from 0.0 to 100.0 (default=20.0), where 0.0 shows only the base color and 100.0 shows only this complement Color.

    With a Custom pearl effect, you can also adjust the Amount.

Top Coat rollout

The Metallic Paint material always has a clear top coat. Settings on this rollout let you adjust the shininess of the top coat and its texture.


  • Carpaint(The default.) Carpaint has Glossiness = 80.0 and Angle Falloff = 20.0.
  • ChromeChrome has Glossiness = 100.0 and Angle Falloff = 0.0.
  • MatteMatte has Glossiness = Angle Falloff = 0.0.
  • CustomCustom lets you choose your own values for Glossiness and Angle Falloff.

    At a Glossiness value of 0.0, the surface finish is completely matte. At a Glosiness value of 100.0, the surface finish is completely reflective.

    The Angle Falloff controls a Fresnel effect: At 0.0, there is no Fresnel effect at all; at 100.0 there is a high Fresnel effect, and highlights are reflective only in a narrow zone at extreme angles.


Controls the texture of the top coat.

  • Smooth(The default.)
  • Orange Peel The top coat has a pitted surface, like an orange peel.

    The Amount slider and numeric field let you control the amount of the pitting effect.

    Autodesk Metallic Paint with an Orange Peel surface finish