Custom Library Options
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Right-click the title bar of a library group (other than Autodesk Material Library).

This menu manages library groups.


[file name and path]

Displays a submenu for handling the library MAT file.

  • Reload Reloads the library. This can be useful if you or a colloague has updated the library in some way.
  • Save Saves the library.
  • Save As Opens a file dialog so you can save the library under a different name.


Edit Group Color
Rename Group

Opens a dialog that lets you rename the library.


Sort Alphabetically

Sorts the list of materials by material name.


Show Subtree

When on, expands the group display to show all materials, sub-materials, and maps in the group. When off, shows only top-level materials. Default=off.

Display Group (and Subgroups) As
Context Menu Options


Close Material Library

Closes the material library.

You can display the library again by using the Material/Map Browser Options menu.