Keys Toolbar (Dope Sheet)
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Track View Dope Sheet Keys toolbar

The Keys toolbar for the Dope Sheet contains the Filter button and other display controls, as well as buttons for transforming keys and editing them in other ways.


Edit Keys

Displays a Dope Sheet Editor mode that shows the keys as boxes on a graph. Use this to mode to insert, cut, and paste time. See Edit Keys.

Edit Ranges

Displays a Dope Sheet Editor mode that shows the keyed tracks as range bars. See Edit Ranges.


Use this to determine what is displayed in the Controller window and the Dope Sheet - Key window. See Filtering Track View Display.

Slide Keys

Use Slide Keys in the Dope Sheet to move a group of keys and slide adjacent keys away as you move. Only slides keys on the same controller track. See Slide Keys.

Add Keys

Creates keys on existing tracks on the Dope Sheet grid. Combine this tool with Current Value editor to adjust the key values numerically. See Add Keys (Dope Sheet).

Scale Keys

Use Scale Keys to compress or expand the amount of time between keyframes. Works both in Curve Editor and Dope Sheet modes. Uses the time slider as an origin point to or from which to scale. See Scale Keys - Time.