Tools Toolbar
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Track View Right-click the starting area of a toolbar (containing two vertical bars). Show Toolbars Tools : Track View

The Tools toolbar has buttons for managing Note tracks, Visibility tracks, controller properties, starting utilities, and some buttons also available from other toolbars.


Add Note Track
Delete Note Track
Add Visibility Track

Click to add a visibility track.

Snap Frames

Restricts key movement to frames. Keys that are moved will always snap to frames when this is on. When this is off, you can move a key so it falls between frames and becomes a sub-frame key. Default=on. See Snap Frames.

Lock Selection

Locks the key selection. Once you have created a selection, turn this on so that you cannot inadvertently select something else. See Lock Selection.


Click to open a dialog for editing a track or selected key. See Properties (Track View Key Window).

Track View Utilities

Click to open a dialog that lets you choose one of the Track View utilities.