Zoom Tool

The Zoom tool adjusts the magnification of the current view of a model.

With the Zoom tool, you can change the zoom magnification of a model in the following ways:

NoteWhen you invoke the Zoom tool from the Full Navigation Wheel, Ctrl+click causes zooming to occur about the current pivot point rather than the current cursor position. Click and Shift+click perform incremental zooming only if Incremental Zoom-in is enabled on the SteeringWheels panel of the Viewport Configuration dialog.

Zoom Constraints

When changing the magnification of a model with the Zoom tool, you cannot zoom in any further than the focus point or out past the extents of the model. The direction you can zoom in and out is controlled by the center point set by the Center tool.

NoteUnlike the Zoom tool on the View Object wheels, the Zoom tool on the Full Navigation wheels is not constrained.


To zoom the view with a single click:

To use this function with the Full Navigation wheel, you must enable the Incremental Zoom-in option.

  1. Display a wheel that has the Zoom tool.
  2. Click the Zoom wedge.

    The magnification of the model is increased and you are zoomed in closer to the model. If you hold down the Shift key while clicking the Zoom wedge, the model is zoomed out or you can hold down the Ctrl key to zoom in.

  3. Click Close to exit the wheel.

To zoom a view in and out by dragging:

  1. Display a wheel that has the Zoom tool.
  2. Click the Zoom wedge. Hold down the button on your pointing device and drag vertically to zoom in and out.
  3. Release the button on your pointing device to return to the wheel.
  4. To exit the wheel, right-click.