Create Material Preview Dialog
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(Material Editor): Compact Make/Play/Save Preview flyout (Make Preview)

The Create Material Preview dialog is displayed when you click Make Preview to preview an animated material. By default, the preview is saved in the \previews subdirectory with the name _medit.avi. You can use Save Preview to give the preview a different name so it won't be overwritten the next time you use Make Preview.


Preview Range group

Active Time Segment
Custom Range

Renders a custom range from the start to the end frame you specify in the spinners below.

Frame Rate group

These controls specify the playback rate.

Every Nth Frame

Renders a regular sampling of the animation. For example, a value of 8 includes only every eighth frame in the preview. Default=1 (every frame).

Playback FPS

Specifies the playback rate in frames per second. Default=30 (full speed).

Image Size group

Percent of Output

Specifies the resolution of the preview. This value is a percentage; 100 percent has a resolution of 101 x 99 pixels (the size of a sample slot in the 3 x 2 array). Default=100.