Overview of Searching for and Receiving Information
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In the upper right-side of the application window, on the Caption bar, you can use InfoCenter to search for information through key words (or by entering a phrase), display the Communication Center panel for product updates and announcements, or display the Favorites panel to access saved topics.

Left: Search field and collapse/expand arrow

Next: Search button

Next: Communication Center button

Next: Favorites button

Right: Help button and Quick Help drop-down menu

When you enter key words or a phrase and then press ENTER or click the InfoCenter Search button, you search multiple Help resources in addition to any files that have been specified in the InfoCenter Settings dialog box. The results are displayed as links on a panel. You can click any of these links to display the Help topic, article, or document.

NoteIt is recommended that you use key words to search for information, as key words often produce better results. In case of a misspelled word, spelling suggestions are displayed.

When you click the Communication Center button, the Communication Center panel is displayed. It displays links to information about product updates and product announcements, and may include links to Subscription Center, CAD Manager specified files, and RSS feeds.

When you click the Favorites button, a panel displays saved links to topics or web locations.

Use the Next and Previous buttons to browse search results. Click and drag categories or groups to rearrange them.

Click the pushpin button to make the search panel (or any other InfoCenter panel) remain visible while you use other controls in the application.

While the pushpin is on, the panel does not disappear when you use other application controls. If you click the pushpin button to turn it off again, the panel rolls up when it is not in use.

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To rearrange the topics displayed on a panel

  1. Display a panel by doing one of the following:
    • In the upper-right side of the application, in the InfoCenter box, enter a keyword or phrase. Then press ENTER or click (InfoCenter Search).
    • In the upper-right side of the application, on the InfoCenter box, click (Communication Center).
    • In the upper-right side of the application, on the InfoCenter box, click (Favorites).
  2. Click and drag a category or group header to the desired position.
  3. Release the mouse button.
NoteCategories can be rearranged only within a group and cannot be moved into other groups.

To browse search results displayed on a panel

  1. On the InfoCenter Search Results, Communication Center, or Favorites panel, on the right side of the category header, do one of the following:
    • Click (Next).
    • Click (Previous).