Rig Resizer
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Animation menu Animation - CAT submenu Rig Resizer

Rig Resizer scales all listed items, including rigs, associated objects (such as meshes), and animation frames by the specified percentage.


To use Rig Resizer:

  1. Add a rig.
  2. From the Animation menu Animation - CAT submenu, choose Rig Resizer.

    This opens the Rig Resizer dialog.

  3. Click the Add button to open a Pick dialog.
  4. Highlight the items to resize and then click the Frame button.

    All highlighted items appear in the Objects list, along with the type of object (for example, Skin Mesh, CATBone). Each listed item has an associated check box; to disable resizing for an item, turn off its check box.

  5. Set the Scale Factor value.
  6. Click Resize.

    All listed and enabled objects are scaled by the specified scale factor.


[objects list]

Lists all objects added with the Add function.

To disable removal and resizing for an item, turn off its check box in the list.


Opens a Pick dialog that you can use to specify the items to be resized.


Removes all list items whose check boxes are enabled.

Scale Factor

The percentage by which each enabled object will be resized when you click Resize. A value of 200.0 doubles the size, while a value or 50.0 halves the size.


Scales enabled items in the list by the specified Scale Factor value.