Conversion Color to Float Shader
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Slate Material Editor Material/Map Browser Conversion Color to Float

Converts a color to a floating-point value by averaging the values of the three color components (RGB).


Conversion Color to Float rollout


Specifies the color to convert to a floating-point value.

The map button at the right is a shortcut to the Maps rollout.

Maps rollout

The controls on this rollout let you assign a shader to one of the basic parameters of the Conversion Color To Float shader. This is comparable to mapping a component of a standard material; by adding shaders, you can create a shader tree that generates complex effects.

Click the button for a component to display the Material/Map Browser and assign the map or shader. Use the toggle at the left to turn the effect of the map off or on.

The button to the right of each main shader button, for shaders that return multiple parameters, is inactive.