Autodesk Bitmap for Autodesk Materials
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Material Editor Material/Map Browser Choose an Autodesk Material that uses maps.

The Autodesk Bitmap is a simple bitmap type that is provided with many of the Autodesk Materials.

The Autodesk Bitmap always uses real-world mapping coordinates. If you apply it to an object that has a UVW Map modifier applied to it, be sure to turn on Real-World Map Size.

ImportantWhen an Autodesk Material has “built-in” Autodesk Bitmaps, you can disconnect these or replace them with other 3ds Max map types, but be aware that when you do so, the resulting material will not be compatible with other Autodesk applications. To maintain compatibility across products, leave the Autodesk Bitmaps connected to the Autodesk Material.


Parameters rollout


Opens a Select Bitmap Image File dialog so you can choose an image file to use for the map. You can choose any file type that 3ds Max supports.

NoteFor Autodesk Bitmap images, 3ds Max disregards the gamma setting.

You can use the brightness slider or numeric field to decrease the brightness of the image. At the default of 100 percent, the map has its original tones. Default=100.0 percent.

Invert Image

Inverts the colors of the image.

Position rollout

X, Y

Offset the image along the local XY axes in 3ds Max units.


Rotates the image around the local Z axis. Default=0.0.

Scale rollout

Width, Height

Specify a width and height for the image in 3ds Max units.

Repeat rollout


When on, tiles the image horizontally. Default=on.


When on, tiles the image vertically. Default=on.