Batch ProOptimizer Rollout
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The Batch ProOptimizer rollout contains a couple of options, and also lets you open the Batch Optimization dialog, which contains the main controls for this utility.


Batch Optimization

Click to open the Batch Optimization dialog.

Options group

Apply Modifier

When on, applies modifiers to objects before optimizing them. After optimization, ProOptimizer collapses the stack. Default=on.

When off, ProOptimizer optimizes base objects only, and does not collapse the stack.

Validate 3ds Max dialogs automatically during batch processing

Opening and saving files can cause 3ds Max to display dialogs; for example, warnings about missing bitmaps or MAX files that were saved with an earlier version. When on, ProOptimizer confirms these dialogs. This option prevents the dialog appearing interactively, interrupting the batch process and forcing you to intervene. Default=on.

When off, ProOptimizer does not confirm dialogs. If a 3ds Max dialog appears during batch processing, you must click to confirm it before the batch process continues.