Where to Find Tutorial Files

The files you need to complete the tutorials were included by default when 3ds Max was installed on your workstation. By default, the tutorial files are installed in a folder called \My Documents\3ds Max Tutorials.

If these files are not on your computer, you must copy them from your product disc to your local hard drive using My Computer or Windows Explorer.

To install the tutorial files (if required):

  1. Locate your product disc: the disc from which you installed 3ds Max. Load it in your computer's drive.
  2. Open My Computer or Windows Explorer, and navigate to the disc.
  3. Right-click the 3ds Max Tutorials folder, then choose Copy from the context menu.
  4. Navigate to a location on your local directory where you would like to access the tutorial files and paste the folder.
    TipIf you have limited hard drive space, you can copy individual directories from the disk.


How to Learn 3ds Max